Layer 2 Sniper Bot

$BASE & It's No Fees

First Ever Sniper Bot on Base Chain of Ethereum Layer 2, With almost no transaction fees.

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Make Profits like never before

No Fees, No Headache, Layer 2 security and lightning Speed of bot

Token Transfer Capability
Facilitate seamless transfers of ERC-20 tokens within the Ethereum ecosystem, expanding your bot's utility beyond base tokens.
Blockchain Bridge Integration
Bridge Ethereum to base tokens and vice versa across blockchain networks for enhanced interoperability.


Maximize Your Sniper Bot's Potential

Empower your sniper bot with advanced functionalities designed to navigate the complexities of the Ethereum blockchain.

Real-time Sniping
React swiftly to trading opportunities on the Ethereum network for potential profit or strategic actions.
ETH & Base Transfers
Effortlessly transfer Ethereum and base tokens between addresses for seamless transactions and portfolio management.


Your base sniper bot comes with the following features:


React quickly to opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain for potential profit or other purposes.

Anti-MEV (Miner Extractable Value)

Minimize the impact of MEV extraction and mitigate risks associated with transaction reordering by miners.

Anti-Rug Mechanism

Protect users from rug pulls by implementing mechanisms to detect and mitigate potential scams.

Base Sniper Bot

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